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Our Service
Post on 2011-03-07

Our services

Support students in completing required application form and others paperwork

Review all completed documentation

Offer carrier guidance, local adaptation to condition in Australia

Provide education and related information


Australia Study Place

Our Services

Provides the necessary expertise to assist students to confidently make the right choices to achieve their educational and career goals. To that end, we offer assistance in the following areas.

Course & Institution selection

We employ a proven and robust student selection and placement process to ensure that students are appropriately placed in suitable courses and institutions.

Students' capabilities and strengths are assessed in particular areas, which help identify various options for them. And thus, students can choose a program from these options and identify institutions of their choice.

Students may also be given advice on options to choose if they wish to migrate to their chosen country.


We provide comprehensive assistance with all application and admissions processes. Guidance on completing forms, explanation of supporting documents needed, timescales for applications and explanations of the application and admissions process are provided so students are fully supported and aware of all the factors to be considered at every stage of the process.

Student visa

We meticulously guide students in terms of document preparation, provision of financial evidence, meeting health requirements, providing evidence of English language proficiency and any other supplementary information, and visa interview preparation where required.

English language

We assist international students by guiding them on the English requirements set by their choice of institutions; and if necessary, will arrange English language tuition for both pre- and post-departure. All courses are catered for IELTS or ELICOS standards.


Assist students with accommodation arrangements prior to departure. Our partner institutions normally have a wide range of central and suburban types of accommodation to cater for all our student’s requirements.

Pre Departure Briefing

Studying abroad can be a daunting experience for students and their families so we arrange pre-departure briefings so that both parties will know what to expect and how to coupe with the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

In addition to the above, we also provide services involving international seminars and exhibitions, and faculty-focused study tours.

Our Achievements

- Consistently successful in recruiting full-fee paying international students for Australian institutions

- Successfully represented several of Australia's prestigious institutions

- Developed a strong reputation in the industry for ethical behaviour, achievement and student support services

- Achieved industry leadership as an international education consultancy

- Achieved and maintained word-of-mouth referrals from the majority of our satisfied clients

Our Future

The future of the industry is strong and that is evidenced by the following statistic. The top 25 students studying in Australia in the years 2009-10 were from the following countries:

~ People's Republic of China

~ India

~ Republic of Korea

~ Thailand

~ Brazil

~ Malaysia

~ United States

~ Indonesia

~ Vietnam

~ Saudi Arabia

~ Japan

~ Colombia

~ Nepal

~ HKSAR People's Republic of China (Hong Kong)

~ Federal Republic of Germany

~ Pakistan

~ Singapore

~ Taiwan

~ United Kingdom

~ Bangladesh

~ France

~ Philippines

~ Canada

~ Sri Lanka

~ Iran


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